15 Blogging tips for beginners in 2017: Apply and Enjoy Blogging


15 blogging tips for a blogger

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My area of expertise is blogging so i am going to share blogging tips with you that you can apply on your blogs to make it more attractive and fruitful. Blogging is the best way to make money online.  Obviously what is more profitable than getting paid for sharing your thoughts with others? People set up their own blogs and communicate with their audience or viewers and benefit them with their ideas.

However when it comes to chances to newcomers in the blogging field, they face quite difficulties in initiating and maintaining their blogs.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Here are 15 blogging tips for all the beginners that will get you all smoothly through the process of setting up your very own blog.

  1. Consulting people:

The first blogging tip is that before you set up your blog, get ideas from your friends and family  that is familiar to the field. If you have your Facebook or Instagram or any social media accounts you can ask people for their opinion over there and get an idea what is loved among people most now a days or what niche is gaining popularity among audience.

  1. Put yourself at a trial first:

As a trial task write few blog posts on random niches to check how many water you are in. It will help you to;

  • Determine your command on language
  • Your proficiency
  • Vocabulary
  • Ability to express yourself



Although it seems like common sense but take this as a blogging tip that you must be well aware of the topic that you are going to choose as niche for your blog. A suitable choice of niche is depends on your

  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Imagination and creativity.

I have written a separate article on Blog Niche? How to Choose a blog niche in 2017-A guide for beginnersYou can read this article to select proper niche that is most suitable for you.

  1. Keep your blog updated:

Be punctual and consistent in keeping your audience up to date about the niche that your blog offers. For e.g. if you are running a fashion blog, you must convey the trends on weekly basis so that your audience are compelled to visit and catch up to your updates.

  1. Viewer friendly equation:

You must adopt words or vocabulary that are not always formal but well suited to your niche so that the audience must not feel left out and feel quite comfortable reading your blog. This is an awesome blogging tip.

Also keep your words simple and the gist of your talk straight forward such that easily understood by a layman.

  1. Knowledge maximization

You are very much likely to generate traffic on your blog if you are well equipped with the latest and best knowledge of your field. Otherwise other similar competitors may steal your viewers.

Also who would want to waste their time reading a thing that does not fulfill their need for knowledge in that aspect?

Provide as much information and updates to the audience as possible. Ass amusing facts to develop their interest.

  1. Be patient:

When you are a newbie in the blogging career you must have to be very patient my friend because it does not absolutely works in the manner that one expects it to.

You have very few audience when you start but those few can become many if you apply all the blogging tips mentioned here.

Traffic generation is not an easy task and takes time too. Publicize as much as possible and maintain it properly and wait for your luck.

  1. Convey what you believe in:

For publicity and attracting more viewers, bloggers sometimes tend to share things that they don’t believe themselves. One of the blogging tips is that always convey your true feelings to the audience. If you want to criticize something do it openly and if you want to appreciate do it openly as well. Audience love reality/honesty-based content.

  1. Be precise

Whatever you say to your audience or want to upload on your blog, always keep it to the point. REMEMBER!! People easily get bored of the long talks in which they have to find the answers to their questions. Instead of discussing random things before hitting the main talk the blogging tip is to hit it right away.

  1. Add references

As mentioned earlier, state the facts in your blog. Adding references from different famous people to clarify your point is a very good technique to prove the validity of your blog to the audience.

  1. Add images:

According to a research visual memory traces are more easily understood and recalled than the verbal ones OR in simpler words human mind find it more convenient to pick sense from images. The blogging tip is that providing images related to niche in your blog not only makes it attractive but you put a lot of people at ease.

  1. Name your blog:

Your blog name is or is not related to the niche, but do a little work on finding a unique and interesting name. When people type their questions in the google many links appear before them but they only clock on those who clicks their mind at once so select a mind-clicking sort of name.

  1. Publicize:

Once maintained a blog, consider this a blogging tip to get help from all your social media acquaintances and tell them to spread the links to your blog. Keep in mind that "word travels on social platform faster than anywhere else".

  1. Other things:

Other minor things that you should take care off are as follows:

  • prevent grammatical errors (proofread before uploading)
  • use sub-headings and bullets
  • Prefer points instead of long paragraphs.
  1. Giveaways :

If you are endorsing a product on your blog, there is an interesting blogging tip for that.  You should arrange giveaways for the audience. People really look forward to them now a days. Set some questions and the person who answers correctly wins the giveaway.

These were a few blogging tips that you can apply on your blog to make it more authentic. This helps you to brand your blog properly.


I hope that you enjoyed the article and got sufficient information.


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