9 Best wordpress plugins for beginners that work wonders in 2017

best wordpress plugings

best wordpress plugins for beginners

All about best wordpress plugins in 2017

The main purpose of this writing is to differentiate between a newbie and a veteran blogger thus enabling to list down the best wordpress plugins to the newbies for enhancing their writing skills. I have gathered the list of 9 best wordpress plugins for a blogger in 2017. I am using all these tools on my blogs as well.

A professional blogger does the following:

  • Uses various tools that aid him in his work. For e.g. a blogger producing more than 4 blogs to WordPress uses MANAGE WP (WordPress) to make his work easier and to increase the productivity rate.
  • Selects a SEO (search engine optimization) tool which helps in searching and tracking the keywords.

It takes couple of years in the blogging field till you can call yourself a professional blogger.

I, however, as a blogger try to:

  • Use new and innovative expressions and tools.
  • Use soft wares to grow my blogs which helps in money making.
  • Take the advantage of plugins while working on word press platform to make it more convenient.

Blogging is merely about installing and writing posts, there are so many other things involved like SEO, Traffic analysis, creating a Community, Subscription options in a list of 9 best wordpress plugins.


SEMrush is a tool that is a complete SEO Research solution for your blog or website.

It enables you the convenience to:

  • Search the keywords that are ranked by blogposts or pages of multiple websites. You can also check the number of the ranking in google search results.
  • Get an idea about the keywords used by top bloggers and competitors which can help to generate traffic on your blog as well.
  • Increase your ranking.

Try it now to find your keywords and you will get to know that how powerful this tool is.


2. OptinMonster:

OptionMonster is a WordPress tool initiated by Syed Balkhi, the man behind WP Beginner.

It assists in:

  1. Building leads for your blog.
  2. Growing the email list.
  3. Email Subscription Engagement.

Every professional blogger must have the plugin WordPress tool because it seizes the blog audience to subscribe to your blog via forms or widgets. This is one of the best wordpress plugin that you must have to get more subscribers for your blog and to generate frequent traffic.

3. LeadPages: 

As the name suggests, LeadPages are the solutions to generating and managing the leads.

It is a tool that:

  • Creates landing pages of high conversion rates.
  • Increases the number of subscribers on your blog by enabling the lead magnet.
  • Permits the use of drag and drop editor to create attention drawing landing pages.
  • Add timers to engage the audience.

Moreover LeadPages can be integrated with popular email marketing services e.g. Aweber.

4. Google Analytics:

Now this is the tool you will have to use the most. The basic of blogging is that you need to know what type of traffic you are targeting. Google Analytics must be validated or verified in the very beginning of one’s blogging career. Google analytics, we can say, is like an inspector who checks and informs you elaborately about the visitors on your blog as well as about the traffic sources.

You will have to know the region where most of your blog visitors belong to? You will have to know how they ended up on your blog? Whether it is the search engines or through social media? Or whatever be the case, you need to know the analytics of your blog to know what your visitors demand and what type of content will attract them? How much time do they stay on the site? All these things are important to be figured out in order to improve. And Google Analytics will help you on your way by providing you even very small information and analytics of your blog’s traffic and other stuff.

There are many choices for choosing the tool to analyze data but the following reasons make you opt for Google Analytics:

  • It is the official and free analytical tool offered by google itself.
  • The other factors mentioned below will force you to request the Google Analytics to make your blog a success.

Check out Google Analytics at : https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/

5. Bufferapp: 

Bufferapp is a twitter oriented tool helping you to generate followers on the twitter app.

Maintaining a twitter profile is a difficult task because one has to tweet regularly with quality words and links and if we bombard our tweets with too much of links, it might be considered as spam.You can't ignore the importance of social media in dragging out traffic to your blog and bufferapp is one of the best wordpress plugins, so get it for your blog.

Bufferapp helps in the above aspect by:

  • Setting time-slots/gaps for every tweet.
  • Tweets are sent via bufferapp to you.

It also has a lot of other features for which it is known as best social media tool.

Check out Bufferapp at : https://buffer.com/

6. Snagit: 

Snagit has taken the trends of screenshots to a whole new level by enabling the feature to edit them. It helps to make screenshots look professional by its unique features.

One can add tick marks, direction arrows and as well as logos and icons.

If you are a blogger with fashion or tutorial niche, this tool can be of great help because you can take screenshots of the tutorial and explain it step by step to the viewers by adding the direction arrows.

Check out Snagit at : https://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.html

7. W3 Total Cache:

W3 Total Cache primarily works for the improvement of your website’s user experience using caches. Moreover, it also makes website efficient by reducing the download time and accelerating the processes. In the end, all these factors some up and increase the SEO rating of your blog.

Check out W3 Total Cache at : https://www.w3-edge.com/products/w3-total-cache/

8. All In One SEO: 

All in One SEO is a WordPress plug-in that will completely help you in highlighting the steps that you need to carry out in order to have a complete SEO of your blog. Now the question might be popping up in your mind that what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Now, this is the usage of keywords in your content, links, and headings that will help rank your website content on relatively higher positions when searched for the keywords on search engines like google. The plug-in will be there to guide you what to do while writing your articles and drag the traffic towards your blog through search engines. I highly recommend you to get this plugin as this is the best wordpress plugins you can have on your blog.

Check out All in One SEO at : https://semperplugins.com/?ap_id=rafia

9. Google Sitemap:

This plug-in will help search engine web crawlers to read your articles more efficiently and intelligently on the basis of all your websites linked to it. At this level, what you need to understand is that Google Sitemap is a tool that will help you keep organized in case you own multiple websites in future and will rank your website even higher in search engines. You can get more information about the google sitemaps on this link

Get Google Sitemap best wordpress Plugins from this link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-sitemap-plugin/

Google Webmaster Help: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/156184?hl=en

I hope that this list proves to be useful for you and please check out this article for more knowledge about blogging:  15 blogging tips for beginners in 2017