Blog Niche? How to Choose a blog niche in 2017-A guide for beginners

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Why you need to choose a blog niche?

Blog niche? you must be thinking what does it mean and why do you need to know about it before starting a blog. When anyone decides to initiate a blog he has to follow some steps for selecting a topic. In this article, I have given you all information that will help to select a blogging niche. And it will in return help you to generate income.

  • First of all one must be crystal clear in his head as to what his blog is going to be about. I have seen people starting a blog with no particular blog niche, discussing random things and thus their blog ended up in a complete disaster.
  • Secondly, it should always be kept in mind that people often surf internet when they need an answer to a question. That problem can be related to entertainment or can be any imaginative question. So when they look it up on your blog and find random useless things then that would not be of a help to them.
  • That is where niche-oriented blogs becomes necessary. For e.g. if a person is looking for fashion trends, he will look it up on fashion blogs to get an answer for his question. And if a person is bored, he will search buzz feed or other entertainment related blogs that will help him end his boredom.
  • Since niche categorize your blog thus there will be audience only that needs information regarding that particular niche.
  • Here are some of the tips that help you to determine your exact niche.

Explore your knowledge:

It sounds cliché but it is always advised to write about the topics that you are best aware of because this has reasons behind it.

  • Several things happen when you write about the topics you are passionate about:
  • One must put best and maximum effort and time on their blog.
  • You will definitely hesitate and think a million times to leave your blog in future because you created it with so much effort.
  • You have plenty of ideas to convey.
  • Since you write every word from heart so it kind of connects you to the audience getting you a large number of followers.

On the contrary, when you only consider profit or think of money while deciding on a niche you always end up dissatisfied with your written content. Also you do not have enough knowledge about the blogs that you are not at all passionate about and who would like to read a blog that offers less knowledge.

How to explore your interest and love for a particular blog niche:

So once you have decided to write about the things that you are passionate about then it takes a few steps to unravel your passion;

  • Your hobbies determine your passion.
  • Your activities in leisure time determine your passion.
  • Think about your favourite discussion topic?
  • What subjects had been your favorite in school/college?
  • Your favorite genera in reading?
  • What is that one thing that you will be willing to do even if it does not pay you?

If you are still unsure about it. Do a simple exercise.

  • Make a list of your instincts that can give you your blog niche and try to write 10 points related to it. If you cannot write these 10 things then that certainly is not your niche. Already written about 10 of the ideas but you still not feel good and satisfied with it.  This means that it is not a suitable niche for you.
  • For instance, if you really feel charged and excited writing about it then that may prove a suitable niche for you.
  • If you are having difficulty writing those posts on your computer then that might not prove successful for your blog.  But knowing at this stage is far more convenient than putting your time and money in a blog and then realizing that it would not work the expected way.
  • In case you always have a lot of things to convey to your audience and really look forward to putting up a new blogpost. It means you have found the correct niche to work with.

Pave the path for your blog in the market:

As internet is a global network so there will be a lot of blogs already maintained  on the same blog niche as yours. But by giving them additional knowledge that you have , you can generate traffic.

Search for rare and less discussed points of that niche.  Another way is to target a specific geographical area.

However, it should always be kept in mind that the need for that aspect exists in the market.

  • It is not necessary to stick to the niche of your first blog but it saves you time and money both. You lose concentration, time and money if you keep switching niches of your blog.
  • DONOT ever make a rash decision to jump start a new blog niche out of frustration.
  • If it still not clears your head concern us with your problem.

Adopting approach for your blog niche:

Sometimes a person has a lot of instincts that he knows he can write about but cannot decide upon one.

Do not give your brain a hard time at this, rather make a simple list of questions and write answers for them i.e.

  • My favorite leisure time hobby?
  • What did I enjoy doing most in my childhood?
  • What discussions among my friends circle please me the most? etc.

Niche finding can be a difficult task but in order to get your blog noticed, appreciated, adopt a unique approach. Use innovative ideas to seek more audience and maximum followers.

Strategy to promote your blog niche:

The competition is very high these days, so you have to make strategy to gain traffic from your competitors.

  • Always seek an approach to which people can relate or in other words write in an audience friendly manner.
  • Take a new approach to solve an old problem.
  • Always keep yourself updated about all the other blogs. Comment on them as to get a broader picture of the loopholes.
  • The money you get might be less in the beginning but TRUST ME passion earns you a lot.
  • If your niche is advertising or business then use an approach to show your focus that attract advertisers.


In conclusion,  always find out your passion first and then select a blog niche. You can earn handsome amount, as your passion will make push you to make money. When you have sufficient amount of knowledge with you, then content creation will not be an issue for you. Bloggers give up when they have to do a lot of research  on the niche they are not aware of. So just follow your passion about a niche and you can earn money online by sharing your thoughts and knowledge.

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