Earn Money Online By Selling Your Services in 2017

earn money online

Earn Money Online By selling your services:

Do you want to earn money online by selling your services? Do you? Of course who would not like to hit the market sitting in your house on your couch and making money easily? A great trend is prevailing in this regard enabling people to earn handsome amounts while staying at home.

Students are supporting their own study expenses by earning money online. Women who are not allowed outside for jobs or are stuck too much in house chores have this wonderful opportunity now to work from home at free hours.

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Here are some of the online means of earning money.


  • This is the most popular way of earning money online. A lot of websites and Facebook pages have been maintained solely for this purpose. Anyone needs any task done? Not a problem, just upload the task on the website or the page and see how many bidders you get.
  • If you want to earn money online via freelancing wait for the right task for yourself and then bid on it. For e.g. if you are good at mathematics and someone needs their math’s assignment done you can message them and take that task. You can tell them your rates or negotiate at their rates.
  • After your task is done they will pay you easily through any convenient method so there you got paid for doing a simple task sitting at home using your brain.

A few legitimate freelancing websites are

  1. Upwork 
  2. Freelancer 
  3. Guru 

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  • Most school teachers give coaching after their school hours but for that they take out extra time to either go to the pupil's place or pupils gather at their place. In online coaching this is not at all a requirement. Online coaching is the best opportunity for teachers to earn money online after their working hours.
  • Using the facility of skype or other video chatting websites students can directly ask questions from teachers on daily basis and teachers can get payment on monthly or weekly basis. Also this does not limit the students to be of one city.
  • Coaching for entry tests such as ETEA/TOEFL is offered online at affordable rates
  • Also sometimes when people want to learn different languages they acquire online coaching facilities.


  • People have opened their online academies for teaching so many varying talents across the globe to earn money online.
  • People based in Pakistan can benefit from these talents by seeking proper training from experts based in any other corner of the world. THAT IS THE POWER OF MEDIA my friends!!!
  • Online academies for training depend greatly on your inbuilt or learnt talent.
  • If you are a very good dancer and want to teach others and earn online then you can set up an online dance academy and can teach your enrolled audience step by step.
  • Similarly if you know the tricks of karate you can start self-defense training online and can benefit the willing people to seek it.
  • For getting payment on time you can take some money in advance to ensure complete payment when the training ends.


  • A person needs consultancy in major decisions involving money especially.
  • Wants to buy a new car, having difficulty in career options, buying a new property and sometimes for health reasons.
  • If you are good at understanding people and your opinion or advice is any help to them you can then earn money online by providing your consultancy in your area of expertise.


  • If you are a good speaker, your talk can also help you earn money online.
  • For e.g. there are live chat sessions held now a days on social platforms to discuss any sort of activity/topic, you can provide your speaking abilities for on-web seminars or for managing/instructing online events.


  • A lot of people connected via online platforms seek or hire people to help them organize real-time events. You can act as an invitation writer or the venue arranger in this.
  • Also you can provide your services as an event designer for earning money online.


  • This field is typically owned by women working online. If you have any talent, you can open up your website or maintain a Facebook group and put up your designs there for people to see and give you orders.
  • You can design clothes for people online and earn money online this way also.


  • Although some people might not consider it a fair deal but if you are raising funds for an organization by asking people to donate online, you can keep some of the amount as commission for gathering donations for that organization.
  • However it is advisable to inform people about this before they make any donation so that they don’t feel cheated.
  • In my opinion you should keep this donation aspect for earning money online at the very last option.

So this is a small list of the services that you can sell to earn money online. If you think, you have and of these skills then I would suggest you to give it a try and make money online easily.

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