Free traffic to website and blog: Free traffic generation tips for beginners

free traffic to website and blog


If you are a blogger, then free traffic to website and blog is something you are always worried about. Attracting visitors to your website or a blog is not an easy task. There are hundreds of thousands of your competitors who are generating organic traffic. They are ranked well on major search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc. I am going to tell you a few free traffic generation tips, to get started to generate traffic to your blog.

Why Free Traffic to Website and Blog?

Remember not to lose hope in the beginning, as it is a slow process when you launch a website or a blog. Once you have followed these free traffic generation tips, you can attract as many visitors as you want.  You must be thinking that why I am emphasizing on word Free traffic to website and blog? The reason is that in the beginning, it is better not to spend money on paid traffic, as it is not a good traffic generation method for off page optimization.  So if you consider SEO in your mind, then go for free traffic generation methods in the beginning.

Free Traffic Generation Tips for Beginners  

1. Write Quality Content or Articles

I have always emphasized on producing quality content or article for your blog. There are enormous benefits for writing quality oriented articles, for instance, it helps to index in major search engines.  Google loves quality content, so there are chances to get ranked on google by putting fewer efforts. From major search engines, you can get free traffic or visitors.

Keep yourself in shoes of your visitors, and analyze that you will also love to read quality articles instead of a one which is of less quality. So it will help you to gain free traffic to website and blog and you can get regular viewers to your blog. Regular viewers also help to develop authority of your blog.

  1. Use of Social Media to attract visitors

We can’t deny the power of social media to get free traffic on your blog. All you have to do is after writing a quality article, share it on social media. Use social media plugins on your blog to make this process automatic and easier for you.  Keep the social media platform active, so that users take more interest in your posts.  You can stay active by commenting on the posts and reply to the comments of other users.

It is not necessary to only post your articles on social media, but you can keep them active and alive on your page by posting something entertaining. This technique will help you to gain more active users on your page and ultimately more free traffic to website and blog

3. Create Backlinks to your blog

Creating backlinks is also a good and free method to generate free traffic to your blog. Now the question is where to create backlinks and how to create backlinks. I have written a separate article for beginners to guide on these topics.  Now what i was talking about is that create backlinks as many as possible.

If you have just started a blog, i would suggest you to create content on the website or blog first and then start with your backlinking strategy.  It helps you to increase your blog authority with the passage of time.

Why to start with low authority websites?

In the beginning, start creating backlinks on low authority websites, blogs or forums.  This is because if you create backlinks on high authority websites, or blogs, you can be penalized by google for spamming.  So this is one of the important free traffic generation tips for beginners to start with.  Once you have enough traffic and your blog contains a decent amount of articles, then start targeting high authority websites, blogs or forums to create backlinks.

  1. Guest posting on your niche related blogs

This is one of the best and free methods to generate traffic on your blog. I personally like to write articles and post on others blog with a back link to my blog. This helps to generate a huge amount of traffic to your blog. The main ingredient to write an effective and attractive guest post is to write quality content. This will help to build up your authority and brand name and readers will click on your profile to visit your blog.

There are a lot of blogs in every niche that offer guest posting for free, provided if you write an article that is in accordance to their terms and conditions.

  1. Write lengthy and informative articles

This is another method to get free traffic to your website and blog. You might be thinking how writing lengthy and informative articles can drive free traffic on the blog. There are two reasons for writing informative and lengthy articles, first one is already mentioned above under heading of quality content and articles.

The second reason is that you can create a pdf file of your best article that offers something free to your readers. Then you can offer this pdf to your visitors to become subscribers of your blog and in return you will provide them a free article or an ebook.

This is how you can increase your email subscribers and get free traffic for long term.   You can also share these pdfs on different free platforms to generate traffic to your website or blog.

  1. Press release about your blog

Media is always a good method to get traffic from the internet. Use free press release platforms and write about your blog there. You can write about what kind of information your blog contains and how it is helping online community. You can write any information about your blog and release it by targeting specific geographic location. This will help you to drive free targeted traffic to your blog.

  1. Create Inforgraphics and spread it on Social Media

This is an old method and a few bloggers think that it doesn’t work anymore. But believe it or not, it is still a good method to drive free traffic to your blog.  Create infographics and upload it to your social media and link it back to your blog. There are many websites on which you can publish these infographics with a link of your blog. These are a free traffic generation tips for beginners that can help them to get initial free traffic to website and blog.

  1. Keep your Blog up to date

The main search engines love the blogs that contain fresh articles. So always update your blog with fresh and unique articles. Now you must be thinking that how many posts we should post per week. In the beginning, i would suggest you to write as many articles as possible, at least 3 per week.

This will help you to retain your visitors, and they are always curious to read your articles. When they know that you update your blog with new articles, they will visit your blog again and again to check new posts.  Secondly, you will start getting free traffic from search engines as well.

So, finally these were a few tips to generate free traffic to website and blog. I will cover up a few more free traffic generation tips for beginners in my next article, so stay tuned and keep visiting.  If you have anything to add to this list, please feel free to comment here.  Thank you and happy traffic to your blog J