Get Free Backlinking in 2017 To Get Free Traffic in 2017

get free backlinking in 2017

A lot of people asked me how to get free backlinking in 2017, and its importance in ranking and SEO. Well in this article I have shared a method how to get free backlinks in 2017 to get free traffic in 2017.

Get Free Backlinking in 2017

Well, let’s start with the introduction of backlinking. Many people don’t know what is backlinking and how to make backlinks to your blog or website. According to moz, “ Backlinling or link building is an art and is the most challenging part of an SEO’s job”.

So backlinking can be defined as to get links from authority sites to your blog or a website. It comes under off-page optimization in SEO. Backlinks are created when you submit a link of your blog or a website on another blog or a website to get traffic and authority.

Now the question is that how to get free backlinking in 2017? Well, as you all know that mostly beginners hire services of experts to do on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Most of the experts charge in three figures to do complete SEO of a blog or a site.

So today, i am going to explain how you can make backlinks to your blog or a website to get free traffic in 2017.

First of all, lets clear some term “anchor text” in backlinking.  Anchor text links are those links that are made on the main keywords of your blog or a website. They play a critical role in ranking your blog in major search engines for that specific keyword.

For instance, your keyword is “forex trading for beginners”, so you will use this keyword as an anchor text and link this keyword back to your website or a blog.

So through anchor text backlinking, you can get free traffic in 2017 and that is too targeted traffic.  Now, let me explain one by one how you can do it manually yourself.

Get Free Traffic in 2017

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best way to get free backlinking in 2017. Guest posting is the process in which you write a unique and original post or article related to your niche. Then you search for an authoritative blog in your niche and post it there with your link.

So guest posting is like you write for another blog and then get a free link from them to your blog to get free traffic and authority.  Always remember to read the policies of a blog regarding guest posting before requesting them to publish your post.

High authority blogs with huge amount of traffic are strict in guest posting rules. They ask you to follow their writing style, and other guidelines if you want to publish your article on their blog.

The best part of guest blogging is that you get a backlink, which is good for ranking. Then you get a lot of traffic and that is too targeted traffic on your blog. Last but not the least; you brand yourself by publishing an author profile of another blog

Check out the list of high authority guest posting sites to get free backlinking in 2017

  1. Content Marketing Institute : Submission guidelines
  2. HubSpot: Submission guidelines
  3. Submit Guest Post
  4. Smashing Magazine:Guest post guidelines
  5. YourStory:Submit guest post
  6. The Huffington PostSubmission Guidelines
  7. iAmWire: Submit guest post
  8. TechWyse: Submit guest post
  9. Social Media Today: Submit Guest Post
  10. Skyje: Submit Guest Post


Blog comments

Blog comments are another way to get backlinks to your blog. If you want to get create blog comments backlinks, then first of all do a research work.  In the beginning, search for your top 50 competitors and make a list.

Now, what you have to do is that, open their latest posts and read them. After reading the article, read the comments of other visitors on the post. If there is any problem discussed in the comments, try to give the solution by posting your comment. Always enter url of your website, while placing a comment. This is how you can get free backlinking in 2017 and increase visitors to your blog.

Repeat this process, with all 50 blogs and see the magic that you will get free traffic in 2017. With this process, again you will get targeted traffic and your brand will grow. Visitors will start following your blog and will leave your competitors blog. This is possible if the content on your blog is more useful and unique.

Read more about the content creation

List of high authority sites for do-follow comments in blogging niche:

  1. Ehow
  2. 2checkout:
  3. 30boxes:
  4. Social Times:
  5. Globe of Blog:
  6. Blog Top List:
  7. Search Engine People:
  8. Blogger:
  9. Telegraph:
  10. Meetup:

get free traffic in 2017


 Create Edu backlinks

You must be thinking that what are edu links and how to create them. Well edu links play a vital role in ranking your blog or a website in 2017. Educational or non profit organization websites are considered as high authority sites by the search engines.

So creating your backlinks on such sites can give your free traffic and authority. It will help you to get a good ranking in search engines.  For this purpose you need to search for the edu forums and directories. Once you get the list, you can sign up for free. Create your profile and display your blog or website link your about me.

Once you are done with this, then start participating in the forum by searching an appropriate thread. There you can also share your link and get noticed.

You can use these footprints and make your own for searching edu forum

  1. site:edu “post a comment”
  2. site:edu “forum”
  3. site:edu “free forums”
  4. site:edu “open discussion forums”
  5. site:edu “free forum posting”

Join Different forums and Question and Answer sites

This is a great method to create backlinks to your blog or a website. First of all, in the beginning, search for top 50 forums in your niche and join them.

Now, complete your profile by displaying your homepage url. Finally start participating in the forum.

I suggest you to use your own name in the forums rather than using different character names. Display your picture in your profile if allowed by the forum site. This will help you in branding yourself as an expert in your niche.

Start participating in the forums by giving solutions to the problems discussed in the forum. Problem solving of other visitors will help to gain trust in your words, hence you will be able to get free traffic in 2017 with this method.

Checkout list of high authority forums to create do-follow backlinks

  1. Flicker:
  2. Forums Mysql:
  3. PKP:
  4. cpanel:
  5. Joomlart:
  6. Myspace:
  7. Filezilla:



So these are a few methods through which you can get free backlining in 2017 to get free traffic in 2017.  I hope that things are clear to you. Now you can make backlinks to your blog and website for free and save a lot of money that seo experts charge you.

Please give me your feedback in comments, and if you know more sites to create do-follow backlinks, then feel free to post for other readers as well. Thank you