Improve Website Traffic to Get 0.2 Million Visitors With The Help of Reddit

improve website traffic


How to Improve Website Traffic?

So finally I have prepared the method to improve website traffic through reddit links and comments karma. For those who are not aware of reddit, let me explain about it quickly.

Reddit is a social sharing site that helps you to share your blog or website link and in return you get a lot of free quality traffic from it. It is a free platform and you can also buy ads credit to display your ads on the platform.

But there is another truth about reddit is that, it is a platform with strict rules and regulations. You need to read the policies first, so that you can post your links effectively.  If you will not follow the rules, your account gets banned.  So make sure to apply the strategies that I am going to explain in this article, to attract visitors to your blog or website.

When you start exploring reddit, you will find different categories that are called subreddits.  You have to play around the subreddits with your link and comment karma. Please check the subreddits box in the image given below.

improve website traffic


Basically subreddit is a topic related or you can say that for you it is your niche related category in which you have to post the link. By doing this you will get relevant and targeted traffic on your website and blog, this in return will improve website traffic for free.

What is Link Karma

Link karma” is the points that you get by posting material on reddit. Material can be videos or images but this is not enough to earn link karma. It is important that people like your link and they upvote your shared material. Once it gets enough upvotes, it is then pinned on hot pages of reddit. So you get a lot of points with the help of upvotes that you will get.

You can use these links karma to post the links of your blog and website to drive a lot of free traffic to improve website traffic.

What is Comment Karma?

Commet karma is the points that you get when you give a comment on the material that is already present on the reddit. You can give comments on videos and images as well.  People up vote your comment if they find it interesting and you get comment karma points for that.

It is really difficult to get links and comments karma on reddit, but don’t worry, I am here to give you a few strategies. Just follow these strategies and you can get 200 plus comments and links karma within next 2 to 3 hours. You can use these links and comments karma to post your website link and improve website traffic for free.

Improve website traffic with the help of reddit links and comment Karma

So first of all, I will guide you how to increase reddit links karma inorder to improve website traffic in return.  First of all, you need to have an image to share it.  Let’s move stepwise.  If you are a beginner, then I would suggest you to post an image in a subreddit “Funny “or “ Aww”. Check the image below to see where you will find these subreddits.

improve website traffic

The reason is that, these subreddits do not have strict policies to follow. So these are good for a kick start for a newbie to get acquaintance with the platform.

So for posting images in these subreddits, you need a funny image or an aww image (cute images of puppies, dolls, kittens etc). For finding interesting images, you can go to google images, 9gag or laughing colors etc.

One you have selected the image, download it to your system.

Step two is to upload your selected image on . Karam Decay is a website that checks the image against the reddit directory of images and posts. It shows you that whether someone else has posted this image on reddit before or not.

The repetition of image is not suggested, so if you find that other people has posted same image before, then try to find any other image.  If it is a unique image than move on with the third step, otherwise repeat the process until you get the unique and interesting image to post.

In the image given below, you can see that i have uploaded the image named "monkey.jpg" by clicking the "choose file" tab. When you are done with the upload then hit the button "search".

improve website traffic

After hitting the search button, i got these results "no very similar images found on Reddit" that i am sharing with you .

improve website traffic

The third step is to upload the image at first and then use their direct link to upload the url in reddit post. Why you need to upload the image at imgur first?The answer is that, reddit doesn’t allow images from many sites, so it is better to upload the image at imgur first. Then you can use the new direct url to post the image at reddit.

improve website traffic

Please check the image below, and find which link you have to use to post on Reddit. Use second link always that is called "direct link".

improve website tarffic

Now the fourth step is to post the image in subreddit. Always remember that the title of your post is the key to get upvotes on your image.  The title should be attractive and promising, so that more and more visitors open your post and vote for your post.

So, final tip that is really a top secret, but i am not keeping it a secret anymore....What is the best time to post a link? As reddit gets more traffic from USA, so you need to keep their timezone in your mind. Try to post your links in morning and noon time (USA time), so that you can reach maximum people.

So, follow these strategies and give me your feedback in comments section. I can bet, you will give me positive response by applying these strategies. Remember that why we are doing all this? Yes the answer is to improve website traffic in return and that is too free high quality traffic.

Now comes the Comment Karma

I am going to share two different strategies with you to increase the comment karma.

My first Strategy is about asking and answering questions at subreddit called “ askreditt”.


improve website tarffic

As you can see in the in the image that where you can find this reddit. Now second step is to ask a question in this subreddit. So what you are going to ask? Obviously something interesting and something that people will love to get an answer for.

I would suggest you to check two subreddits that is “hot” and “rising”.  Now what you have to do is that check for the questions that have fewer comments. The reason is that, your comment will be visible to more people.

Look this is an interesting question with less comments on it. You can answer the question by yourself and you can also copy/paste this question on google and find an interesting answer for this. The more your answer is unique, more you will get up votes for the comments.

Secondly, you can create an interesting question and then post the answer yourself. Try to search for the upcoming trends in news or games, and ask questions regarding that. Then post the most interesting answer about it to get up votes.

For instance, question is “How you can increase the coins for the game of thrones?  Or “How to earn zynga poker chips to play on big tables”.  Then reply in comment box, the suitable way to increase coins, and sit back to see the magic of increasing comments karma.

Now the second strategy is also going to increase you comments karma to many folds. First of all for this technique, go to the subreddit “videos”, see the image below to check where you can find it.

Now again the rule is to check the “hot” or “rising” videos with fewer comments on it.  Check the screenshot below that indicates the perfect match for us to comment.


improve website tarffic


Once you have selected the video to comment on, just click it and you will be redirected to youtube. You don’t need to watch the full video. You must be thinking that how you will comment on the video if you know nothing about it. Right?

The answer is to scroll down the video and check for the comments of youtubers on the video. Copy the comment that got most likes there and paste it in your comments for that video at reddit.  But be careful in doing this, as if redditors went through the comments they can down vote your comment.  To avoid this, you can scroll down a little bit at youtube comments, and copy/paste those comments.

Finally sit back and check that how your comments karma increases within no time and with a little effort.

Now let’s talk about how to improve website traffic through these karmas that you have earned. You simply need to be active on reddit for doing this. Whenever you update or post new article on your website or a blog, just post the link of that blog post or website url on reddit.

Remember the time zone that I mentioned above in the article to get the link visible to maximum visitors on reddit it.

Again the rule is to write a catchy title for your post and I would suggest you to use no more than 2 links in one post.  Through reddit you can improve the website traffic authority and the CPC of your ads. Now you are thinking that how CPC is increased by reddit traffic? Well reddit sends you US traffic and the views from US visitors increase CPC of your google ads.

So finally, I think you will apply these strategies to get the good results. One more thing is that, if your one post could not make it a lot of upvotes for you, and then try another post. Do not give up by posting a single image or a comment. I hope that you found this article helpful, and I am looking forward to read your comments.

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