Keyword research for amazon niche site that make $1000 per month


keyword research for amazon niche site

Keyword research for amazon niche site is an art that everyone wants to learn.  So, finally I have written a full guide for those who want to learn keyword research to find profitable niche for amazon niche site.

According to New York Times, “95% of the affiliate marketers fail to earn money online because they select concentrated niche in which everyone is trying to test their faith in online career.”

Obviously, I was one of them, actually I was once a part of this 95% figure and I struggled very hard. The result was zero after putting 100% efforts. You must be thinking what was wrong with my method, although I was putting maximum efforts.

Keyword research for amazon niche site

The issue was my bad keyword research skills.  So, you see the importance of keyword research in developing a successful amazon niche site. That even my hard work doesn’t pay off just because I was not being smart with the system. I was not doing keyword research for amazon niche site smartly.

So let’s start from here


Search Google

You can search in google by typing profitable niche sites for amazon. That is what most of us do, and we have to admit it.  My suggestion is to do it, as research work is always good and adds up value.

But never stick to that list, it is only to give you an idea about the niches and trends in the prevailing year.

It is not a good idea to work on those niches for two reasons

  1. Everyone would be searching for such lists and there will be more competition for you if you chose to select from those lists.
  2. You need to get an idea from there and do your own keywords research as there is no short cut. Always take guidance and then put your own efforts to come up with something unique.


Search for google suggestion

This is another good method if you are doing keyword research for amazon site. How you are going to perform it?

Simply write the main keyword from your selected niche in the google search box and check the drop down menu. There will be a lot if suggestions with the similar keywords.

These are those keywords that are related to your main keyword and people are searching for them often.

You can also find the suggestions at the end of the page where you searched for the main keyword in google search engine.

Why do you need a keyword niche research?

A lot of people ask me that why we need to do a niche research? As they want to promote different products at the same time.

I suggest you not to try this in the beginning. First try to develop your brand name and try such things.

Stick to one niche in the beginning, and develop content for that. Focus on a single target market, as you need to promote your product later on. So there will be a lot of efforts needed to bring in targeted traffic.

By doing this, you will see a positive result in your sales.

Now, there are  a few more points that you have to keep in mind, which I am going to explain further.

 Tips of making money online from amazon affiliate niche site in 2017

Chose keywords with less completion

This is the key point and many people fail to understand the importance of selecting less competitive keywords. People think that if they chose keywords with medium to high completion, then they will make more money.

The concept is that with high competition, the search volume is also high. So people think that they will make a lot of sales.

This is totally wrong concept to follow. It is because; you will not be able to outrank those big fishes who are already ranked on the first page of major search engines.

They have been working for years and their efforts are obviously more than yours. So you need to put a lot of efforts and would have to spend a lot to compete them.

Hence, my suggestion is to do a proper keyword research for amazon niche site and chose keywords with low competition.

Proper Keyword research for amazon niche site

keyword research for amazon niche site


Just read what I am going to tell you and apply on your amazon niche site.

Search for the keyword that has a competition of less than 30 and search volume can vary. Try to search for the keyword that has 0 to 20 competitions.

Search volume doesn’t matter in the beginning. If the search volume is let’s say in 400, then just think that if 300 targeted visitors come to your amazon niche site, there are much chances  to convert them to customers.

Tools to do keyword Research

Now i am going to share my knowledge about the keyword research tools that you need to use to do such quality oriented keyword research.

Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a good free tool, but i will not recommend you to use it for creating amazon niche sites.

The reason is that, millions of publishers are using this tool to do keyword research. But you need to be in 5% not in 96% to make a difference.

What difference?

Difference of earning smartly with a fewer efforts, difference of earning by spending less, and difference of making $1000 per month from keyword research for an amazon niche site.

So for doing this, you need to search for the best paid tools, so that you can stand out from the crowed.

Long Tail Pro

Long tail pro is one of the best choices for you, if you are a beginner or a newbie.  This software is best to do keyword research for amazon niche site.

The best part is that it gives you unique ideas and untapped keywords that you can use for your niche site to get instant success.

Long tail pro finds keywords for your main niche and sub-niche to make your amazon site more targeted.

A few main features of the recommended software for beginners

  1. You can check the competitiveness of a keyword and how much efforts are needed to rank it. It means in a scale of 100, you will get an idea that how many backlinks will you create to rank the keyword.
  2. You can determine metrics of your website, for instance, the overall health of your sites, how many backlinks do you have?, how many referring domains to page and domains you have for your site and indexed urls etc.
  3. The most unique feature of long tail pro is you can calculate keyword profitability. You can customize this option for your keyword research for amazon site, keyword research for major advertisers and keyword research for your own product.

The starter plan is of $37 per month, and you get a lot of features in just a few bucks.

Wait, I have arranged a special discount for my users. Click this link and get it in $25 per month.

Imagine, it will help you to earn $1000 per month and all you have to spend is $25 for achieving your targets.

This is the most recommend and affordable software in the market.

I recommend you to take a start from the starter plan. There is a 7 days free trial, so that you can check the features yourself.

Basic plan comes with following features
  • You can search for 10,000  unique keywords that can rank easily on first page
  • Keywords competitive analysis on a scale of 100
  • Your competitor’s analysis- spy on your competitors, how they are ranking on the first page
  • Get profitability calculator with each keyword search
  • You will also be able to find the recommendations for keywords according to your domain

So, I think this is not a bad deal at all. You are getting a lot of features in single software, and that is within an affordable range. Just imagine that by doing keyword research for amazon niche site with this tool, you can earn $1000 per month.


Pat Flynn’s 777 list method to do a keyword research for amazon niche site

Pat Flynn is a successful entrepreneur who is earning in millions with affiliate marketing. If you are not a newbie, then you might have heard about his achievements.

Let me explain his method for keyword research for amazon site in three points.

  1. Take a piece of a plain paper and a pen. Now think of your 7 passions, 7 problems and 7 fears in life. Write down these on a paper.
  2. Now you have made a list that contains 21 items in it. Please pick 10 most favorites ones from the list and write them separately.
  3. Now use these 10 items as your keywords and punch them in keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro.

You will find totally unique set of keywords that will have less competition and a high volume of searches.

This is really effective, so give it a try and you will be amazed with the results.

Giveaway for my Readers:

So finally, I have prepared a list of evergreen niches by doing keyword research for amazon site.

You can select one of these, and then search for sub-niches within these recommended profitable niches.

  • Money making strategies
  • Digital software
  • Health and Beauty
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Relationships
  • Personal development

So keyword research for amazon niche site is not complete yet because i am also giving you a list of a few profitable sub-niches as well

  • Toys and games
  • Wall decorations
  • Car electronics
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Wireless phones
  • Printers and Ink
  • DSLR Cameras
  • Tennis ball machines
  • Batmintion accessories
  • Bicycle health and safety accessories
  • Sun glasses
  • Clothing
  • Weight loss products
  • Piano courses
  • Self development courses
  • Career development course

And a lot more that you will explore with your online keyword tools.


Hence, if you want to make $1000 per month with affiliate marketing, you have to do a proper keyword research for amazon affiliate site. Just apply these strategies and you can be in 5% people who get unlimited success online. Make yourself smart worker and get into the list of those who are earning by developing autopilot websites.