Make money blogging but how: A true case study for beginners

make money blogging

How to make money blogging?

In this article, how to make money blogging. I will go through the process that you can follow to make money blogging. This article is perfect for the bloggers who already own a blog. But for those who are still trying to make money online with the help of a blog. They can check this article to setup their blog.

My own story of making money blogging

My journey has been very long and tiring, I must say. This is because when I started blogging, there was not much information over the internet.  While searching money making ideas online, I came across a blog. I read the article that how that guy used to make money blogging. I decided to start my own blog, so that I can also make money online just like that blogger.

For this purpose, I created my own blog and started writing articles, but for the first 6 months there was no income. It is a fact that I was flustered but didn’t give up. In the 7th  month, I started earning a few dollars per week, and it really boosted up my motivation. Within one year time, i started earning part time money from my blog and it took almost another six months hard work to earn full time money from my blog.

This was the point when I decided to make blogging my career.  Finally till date,  I have polished my skills and now I really enjoy to write articles for my readers and bloggers, so that they can refrain from committing those mistakes that I did , when I started my career.

How you can make money blogging?

After reading the above story, you must be curious to know way to make money from blogging. There is no technical science involved in it, and it is as simple as a cheese burger lol.

  1. Setup your own blog
  2. Create useful content that is full of information
  3. Find readers for your blog
  4. Build two way relationship with your readers
  5. Start making money from the readership you have by monetizing your blog

I will go through each pointer for you, so that i can explain it to the beginners and pro bloggers.  that how actually they can earn money blogging.

  1. Setup your own blog

Well this is ofcourse not for those who already have a blog; this pointer is for those who are still looking to setup a new blog. I have written a detailed article how to setup up a blog to make money online in 2017 within a few minutes. It is really a useful article, so please read it first and setup your own blog and then read and apply the other pointers in this article.

Go to== How to setup a blog

Still if you need further assistance, you can always leave a comment for me, and i will help you with setting up your blog.

  1. Create useful content for your readers

In blogging world, informative content is the key to success. Always remember that if you don’t have something to give to your reader, then you can’t grow your readership and authority. Keep yourself in the shoes of a reader and think like a reader that will you visit the blog with accurate and useful information.  Or will you prefer to visit that blog which has less or no useful information for you.

So, content is the king of your blog, and you need to give full and relevant information to the visitors of your blog. So that they trust your blog and visit it again and again.  Always remember that your blog is a product and you are selling it for free. And your reader is accepting it as a gift to visit your blog. Now this product is of some worth for your reader if only they can actually apply in their lives and get benefit out of it.

Never ever distract the reader with so many ideas in a same article, always write to the point, and if you have many ideas, you can create many different articles from the ideas and give links on the main article that you can read further details on this topic in my other article. This will help you to share your experience and information more accurately in a related article.

  1. Find Readers for your blog

Setting up a blog, and creating informative content is not enough to make money blogging, you need to find the readers for your content. If there are no readers, there is no money. Now, the question is that how can we find the readers for our blog? Making money online is not a cup of coffee, so you need to work hard to get the returns. I have pointers for you so that you can quickly go through the main ideas to attract the readers.

  1. Do search for top 10 blogs in your niche
  2. Search for top 10 forums in your niche
  3. Search for top 10 pages on facebook in your niche

Now what you have to do is to create this list and then actively participate in the forums, blogs and facebook pages with giving a back link to your blog. You can leave comments in the blogs, by sharing your tips and ideas related to that topic of the article you are leaving comments on. You can offer guest posts to the bloggers and can also offer to write a blog post for their blog.  This will increase your credibility and will help to speak out your words to the readers of other blogs.

  1. Build two way relationship with your readers

This is the most important step to make money online. Now you will think how it is important, how readers can make money for you just by building relationship. Well, when you have put so many efforts by bringing in the readers to your blog, you have to know retain the visitors. Not only retain them but have to convert them to readers of your blog.

You can do this by engaging them in comments, and by asking them to write a guest post for your blog. So that you can get benefit from their information. Furthermore, you can offer them your free services or help, so that they start trusting you for their problems.

  1. Start making money from the readership you have by monetizing your blog

Finally after so much hard work, you are ready to make money blogging. But always remember that the above mentioned process is not a onetime process.  You need to repeat it as much as required. Blogging is all about creating new content from your ideas, experimentation and continuous research work in your selected niche.

Now what is required from you is smartly monetize your blog by different ways to earn money online.  There are a lot of options to monetize your blog effectively to cash your hard work. You can do affiliate marketing, can place ads on your blog, can sell ad space on your blog, can offer your services against fee etc. Please read my article Make money online by using different advertising methods on your blog I have written detailed article on each way to make money blogging.

I hope that you liked the article, and i would like to hear from you in comments box.  If you have any suggestions other than i have listed in the article for my readers. I would appreciate your participation.