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Make Money Online by Advertising

Make money online by using different advertising methods on your blog.In this article, I have mentioned several ways that bloggers can adopt to earn money online. On Most of the famous blogging websites bloggers take the help of ads to generate traffic. Newbies face difficulty in this aspect because of their unfamiliarity with the ads network and thus cannot make money online as they had thought of before stepping in the blogging career. Here are some the ways through which you will learn to make money by advertising on your blog:

Ads Network:

  • Ads network is a very popular website which helps advertisers to make contact with the ads accepting websites.
  • The main advantage is that it bridges up the gap between advertiser and publishers. It gives them a platform to buildup a business relationship.

Cost per impression:

  • This helps to make money online in a way that the advertiser gets paid for every 1000 clicks that are done on the ad displayed by the publisher.
  • Publisher takes his commission for posting the ad and the rest is transferred to you.
  • This is good for the blogs that get good amount of traffic on their blogs
  • A new user can apply for he account and get an approval easily, however later on if you need to make money online from CPI method you need a good flow of traffic on your blog.

Lead generation:

  • Lead generation aids in making money online by arousing the interest of people to click on the advertisement in order to enquire.
  • Social media also helps to generate leads for acquiring business opportunities on several different platforms.

Sponsorship fixed length:

  • This is a special feature available for publishers. Fixed length sponsorship is creating opportunities for advertisers by placing different dates and prices on empty ad places.
  • After the contract expire, the publisher removes the ad and places a new date on the empty slot for some other advertiser to acquire.

Text links:

  • Text links is another way of advertising in which a publisher posts links to some other page or website for the advertiser.
  • You can make money by it in a way that publisher is gives money to the advertiser for placing the text link for the website/page that advertiser is trying to gain traffic on.

Pay per post:

  • Pay per post is one of a type opportunity for the bloggers that want their content to be published.
  • Advertisers put up their requirements about the content they want and bloggers are supposed to respond accordingly.
  • Publisher gets money for every content post and a a blogger also gets his share from that money.

RSS Advertising:

  • RSS stands for “Rich Site summary OR Really Simple syndication”.
  • It loads the visible feed with the related content in such a way that it generates only targeted traffic.
  • Only those ads are added that are very much related to the content on the feed.
  • Users are most likely to find the correct ad they are looking for very easily.
  • One of the methods for making money online via RSS advertising is to add text links which then generate money per click.

Make money online by newsletter advertising

  • Newsletter is the way of keeping the customers of a specific brand up to date about the latest information through the ads of the brand.
  • Whenever the customer opens the mail, he gets a lot of newsletter ads informing him about the product.
  • You can make money online by sending newsletter containing ads for a company. If the customer clicks the ad the publisher gets the money.

Job boards/Classifieds:

  • Job boards are actually the ads for the fulfillment of a position for a particular job. Requirements related to the vacancy is provided on the job boards for the eligible candidates to apply.
  • Classifieds are also the small scale advertisements putting up the ads under the allotted categories.
  • One can earn money by putting up job boards and classifieds for an organization.

I hope that you get sufficient information in this article to give a kick start to your  blog. But still if you need further help you can contact me via comments and i will help you.

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