Tips of making money online from amazon affiliate niche site in 2017

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You are landed here because you want to know my making money online formula and that is from amazon affiliate niche site in 2017.

So let’s get started without wasting any of our time. You might have heard that “Time is Money”.

Making Money Online from Amazon affiliate niche site in 2017

First of all, I am going to explain you that what is an amazon affiliate niche site?  Whenever you start to sell something, or you make a business plan to open a shop, you always select a business line.

For instance, you want to open a bakery, a garment shop, a shoe shop or a mobile shop. So this is basically a niche you are selecting to sell products.

Same is the case with the amazon affiliate niche site. Amazon sells millions of products online, and we need to be selective in niche as we can’t cover all of the products available on amazon.

So, you need to decide your niche to develop an amazon niche site.  I hope things are clear about the topic now. Let’s move forward

Now the question is that how to select a profitable niche? I have covered this information in another post, you can read it here.

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Now, once you have selected the niche, you have to get the domain name, hosting plan and a good attractive theme for your site.  I personally recommend these companies to get started, because they provide affordable services in lowest prices possible.  I am their proud customer that is why I promote their products with my referrals to my readers.

  1. Blue Host for hosting plan and a free domain name for life
  2. Themeforest or mythemeshop for best affiliate themes

There are a lot of things which you need to keep in mind while selecting the hosting plans, domain name and themes.

Read more about domain names:

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Making Money Online

So, now I assume that you are done with the above two steps, now let’s move towards content management so that we can see how making money online from amazon affiliate niche site in 2017 actually happens.

After the niche selection, the main part is played by your content development techniques.  Always remember that the best part of amazon affiliate program is that the visitor that you send to amazon, is a gem for you.

You must be thinking why I called a visitor a gem for the site owner? It is because, whenever a visitor goes to amazon with your affiliate links, no matter whatever he/she buys from the amazon, you will get the commission.

This is so true and it is fascinating as well that making money online is so easy. But infact, this is not as easy as you are thinking.

Sending a visitor to another site from your site is not an easy task. But by applying a few techniques in your content, you can achieve it easily.

Importance of content in amazon affiliate niche site in 2017

As a blogger, you must be aware of the importance of producing quality content to get good ranking in the major search engines.

Same technique goes for making money online from amazon affiliate niche site in 2017. First of all what you need to do is a comprehensive research work on the product that you have selected.

Try to keep yourself in the shoes of a buyer and think what points you will consider while buying that product online. This is the best technique and the most effective one.

Make a list of these points first and start searching for these points online for the product. Check the product description carefully and see how you can describe them differently.

Finally, you can get a lot of information by downloading user manual of a product. If you know nothing about the product and have not used it, then it is the best method.

With the help of user manual, you can create steps for writing reviews. Yes, writing product reviews for selling amazon products is the best way for making money online.

Another way to get appropriate information is to read the reviews of same product to know pros and cons of the product. Furthermore, you can search on google for other blogs in the same niche.

making money online from amazon affiliate niche site in 2017

Writing compelling Content

At the point, I assume that you are done with all the research work. Now it is time to write a convincing and compelling content, so that you can turn your visitors into customers.

I suggest you to introduce the first affiliate link in the first 200 words. It means that the first 200 words of your content is the most important part. It should be compelling to force the visitor to click on the given link.

Remember that you have to send the visitor on amazon site by any means, and you can only do it with the help of quality content.

Furthermore, the reason for putting up the first link in 200 words is that a few visitors will be in a rush. So after reading a few links, they want to go to the website to check more about it.

So for such visitors, it is best to place the link in the beginning.

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I have observed many blog and amazon affiliate niche sites in 2017, and have found that they use a comparison method for reviewing products.

Comparing two products is not an easy task, but still I need to tell you that you should use this method. Always think that what you do when you go to the market to buy something.

You search for the best option for you by comparing other similar products. Check which product is offering you more value within your budget.

So this is the point to ponder, that you need to compare two products offering same specifications but the price of one of them is lower. For instance, there is comparison between two laptops, a model by Sony and a model by Samsung.

You will buy Samsung laptop because the price is less than that of Sony but the specifications are same.

This was just an example to read the visitors mind. I have seen many cases where visitors buy high priced products as they are brand conscious. So, you need to search for the market trends as well.

I suggest you to bookmark the amazon affiliate niche site in 2017 that are ranked on the first page of major search engines. Check what strategies they are using, and apply these to your content.

Here is a list of a few best amazon affiliate niche sites in 2017, check them out to get an idea


I recommend you to use almost 2000 words for each review and there should be around 15 to 20 affiliate links in the content.


In the essence, I recommend you to take a start from today. Make sure to do extensive research work on the niche, products or services that you want to promote.  Produce and follow a complete business plan, for content management and marketing.

There is no one who can stop you from making money online from amazon affiliate niche sites in 2017.

I hope to see your feedback and suggestions in the comments section. If you have any good suggestions for my readers, please share them in comments. Thank you