3 mistakes to avoid to make money online and enjoy passive income

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Let me make you very clear about a fact that you will not make money online if you are doing these wrong things.If you think that you start a blog today and within 24 hours you will be able to travel the world, then this is not a factual thought.

Yes it is possible with blogging that you go to best hotels and resorts and spend a luxurious vacation there but not within 24 hours but it is possible within 24 weeks time frame.

Make Money Online with these strategies

This is how my journey started and now I am at a point where I can teach other bloggers not to repeat the mistakes that I committed when I started this journey.  It took me a lot of time and a hard work to stand on the position where I am standing today.

My inspirational quote is Whitney Young Jr.’s“It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared for it.”

The second part is for bloggers who take a start but they leave the opportunity just because they are not persistence with what they started.

In this article, I will explain that why you will not make money online in 2017. If you are committing thee mistakes and how you can rectify them.

  1. You are not concerned about the quality

I have always emphasized that add value to the content you are writing. There are a lot of blog online that are producing rubbish material, they get success in the beginning but their model is not a long term.  I would suggest you to write engaging and quality oriented articles that your readers love to read.

In real word, just observe that if you have a problem solving power, then people around will appreciate you. You become a brand and people start following you in no time. But if you are just a time waster and delivering them with poor quality, they will not come back again.

Treat your blog just like this that you are serving to real people and give them best solutions. This is how you can increase your authority, authority of brand and hence it will result in increase of readers.

  1. Unclear business model for online earning

Business model for online earning is just like you prepare a business model for starting a real business in real life. Here people make mistake and they start on with different ways to earn money and end up with nothing in hand in the end.

For online earning, you need to make a full business plan that how you will start earning, will you start a blog or will you use other methods to earn online etc.  For instance if you choose to blog, you need to have strategies for the following

  1. Total funds to spend on starting a blog and promotion.
  2. Selection of Niche with less competition (Niche should be from one of your interests).
  3. Revenue generation methods or monetization methods
  4. Allocation of resources on promotion.
  5. Research of free traffic generation methods.Check out these articles for more information

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    Free traffic to website and blog: Free traffic generation tips for beginners

So these are a few strategies that you need to follow in order to become successful blogger. Pay attention to what you are doing and believe in the results for which you are putting in the efforts.  You cannot become millionaire within a day or within month.

So stop believing in the statements that offer to become millionaire within no time.  There is no such business model for bloggers that makes you millionaire overnight. Believe in my words.

make money online

  1. Yes you are a copy cat

This is the biggest mistake that is made by the bloggers. Copying others ideas is not a good idea any more when there is a hell of competition online. Don’t do what others are doing but instead do something unique to make money online.

Believe me if you want to brand yourself and want to get good amount of visitors on your blog, then come up with unique ideas. New and different things are always appreciated by the visitors. So always try to come up differently and you will get the spotlight.

Ask questions to yourself, that what is wrong with my blog that I am not getting subscribers on it?  Don’t ask questions that why I am not getting subscribers on my blog?  If you focus on first question, you will start improving your blog and will get subscribers automatically. And if you ask second question to yourself, you will end up with nothing.

Hence, in essence, if you want to be a successful blogger, then you need to be persistence with quality and uniqueness.  If you are unique, then visitors will follow you and prefer your blog instead of your competitors. A lot of people will start to make money online by stop doing the mistakes that I have mentioned above.

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