How to start a blog in 2017 Scholarship worth $1500

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Makemoneybloggers is pleased to announce the award of scholarships to three students who can write a 500 words article on any topic related to business ideas.  We aim to encourage students to develop writing skills by producing engaging content. This will help the students to come up with different business ideas and this in return will encourage us to develop different business plans for our young generation.

Example of Business Idea: How to start a blog and make money online in 2017


Applicants who are eligible to apply for this scholarship should be enrolled in any school, college or university in Europe, North America, Canada, or Malaysia or Australia. Students holding study visa from any of these countries may also apply as citizenship of the applicant of the same country where university is located is not necessary. We may ask to provide the enrollment no. or other documents to ensure the credibility of the information provided.

How to Apply

Applicants should come up with unique ideas to start a new business. You can write about starting an online business, or opening a writing press, coffee shop, takeaway, or any other idea that is unique. Write a 500 words of your own and just explain your thoughts that why you have come up with a particular business idea. You can also add up that how it can be beneficial for your country or community.

Once you are done with your writing piece, just submit your work in a word file or a pdf file to us via . Please mention your first name and last name, academic institution, email address and  country of Residence.
The deadline to submit your business ideas is December 15, 2017 at 12:00AM EST. The successful applicants will be announced on 20 December, 2017. We will contact you through email address to confirm if you want to avail the scholarship and get your acceptance. Once you are willing to go with the scholarship, we will take your other personal information to send you the scholarship.

Business Ideas will be judged on:

  • Uniqueness of ideas
  • Adding up positivity to the community or your country
  • Convincing facts that why you have given a particular business idea

The prizes

Three scholarships will be awarded to the students worth $500 each. The successful applicants will be contacted first before their master piece is published. Furthermore the name of the high school, college or university  of winning applicants will be displayed .



High school: BrankSome Hall,Canada

University: Full Sail, USA

College: Fife College, UK

If you need any assistance, please contact us at

Looking forward to see your unique ideas