What is a domain name? Get free domain name from bluehost today

what is domain name

If you have decided to start a blog, then you must be thinking what is a domain name?  You must be thinking that why i am explaining this? It is because, this term must be new for beginners and they want to know more about it.

What is a domain name?

Domain name is the address of your blog or you can say a virtual address of your business. It is an online representation of your brand, be it a blog or a business website.  Why domain name is the most important part of your online business?

The answer is simple, it builds up an authority of your brand and you get benefit of SEO with an accurate domain name.

Domain names are of different categories, like there are simple domain names and premium domain names.  The simple domain names are not much expensive, but premium domain names are really expensive due to their authority and age.

You can get a free domain name for life if you chose bluehost.

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What you have to do is to go to bluehost main page, from there click on “get started now”. If you only want to buy a domain name then you need to go to “hosting tab” and then click on “domains”.  If you chose to buy domain only then it will not be free.

what is a domain name

How to find a domain name for a blog?

This is really an important question that how one should search for an accurate domain name for the blog. It is not a rocket science at all!  All you have to do is select a domain name that is in accordance with your niche.

For instance, if you have a blog of beauty products, then you will search for a domain name with your major keywords. Your keywords for a beauty blog can be best beauty products, cosmetics and makeup, best cosmetic brands, beauty tips etc.

If you have a domain name already, then write down your domain name in the box " I have a domain name and click "next".


At the moment i am assuming that you don't have a domain name, so we will focus on "new domain" box.  Enter your desired domain name here and select "dot com" from a dropped down menu. I hope that things are much clear now about what is a domain name and how do you find a domain name.



what is a domain name

How to choose extensions for a domain name?

While choosing a domain name, it is important to decide that which extensions you need for your domain name. For instance, you need a dot com, dot net, dot info or a country specific domain name.

Why you should select a dot com extension? The answer is that it helps in of page optimization later on. You get traffic from worldwide and not from a specific county. Furthermore,  dot com domain name is easy to remember for visitors.

It is ok if your desired extension is not available for your proposed domain name, but if dot com is available then prefer dot com on others.

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Concept is clear about what is a domain name? Now lets move to select a plan

I hope that your question what is a domain name is clear. Now , once we are done with the section of a domain name, we need a hosting plan. There are three hosting plans that are offered by bluehost.

These are "basic, plus and prime". Details of each plan are in this screenshot. You can select the plan according to your needs.

Again i am assuming that you area beginner, so let's start with a basic plan. Normally it is offered at $7.99 per month, but for my readers they have given a discount price. You get the plan for $2.95 per month.

With this basic package, you get free domain name for life. It means that you don't have to pay the renewal fee every year for holding up the domain name.

what is a domain name

Domain name and hosting registration with bluehost

Finally you have to put in your all details accurately.  You can also signup with the help of google account.

what is a domain name

Read package information attentively before checking out for the payment. If you are a beginner, then you might not need these extras for your blog. These boxes are automatically marked, so you need to un-check these boxes.


what is a domain name

Payment information is the last form that you need to fill in. Just fill in your card information and check the box "I have read and agreed". and then click the button "submit".

Congratulations! you got 1 domain name free for life.

what is a domain name

So finally, you got the answer for what is a domain name and how you can get a free domain name for life from bluehost.

I hope that you liked the post regarding the domain name and its free registration.

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